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Video Link - Eric Holder resigns as U.S. Attorney General
Eric Holder Resigns as U.S. Attorney General
     September 25, 2014 KOB TV- Edmund Perea, the Director for the Center of Law, Policy and Public Safety, says that the Department of Justice is so institutionalized and policies are set so much in place, that we shouldn't expect much to change.

Justice is not limited to one area of life

November 6, 2014 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Nov. 2 marked the anniversary of the day President Ronald Reagan signed the bill making King’s birthday a national holiday. During his remarks on that day, Reagan said: “In a nation that proclaimed liberty and justice for all, too many black Americans were living with neither.” 

                                                        Published in the Albuquerque Journal

Police lapel camera privacy procedures questioned

July 28, 2014 KOB TV - Advocates say body cameras make both officers and civilians accountable for their actions, and could prevent excessive use of force.Executive Director of the Center for Law, Policy and Public Safety Edmund Perea says he agrees, but says not all video should be stored forever or publicly released.“It's very much striking a balance between transparency and privacy,” Perea said.Police Lapel Cameras
City to get federal monitor to oversee APD
APD Federal Monitor

A big task now facing the city of Albuquerque is the selection of a federal monitor to oversee the police department’s compliance with new reforms aimed at reducing the excessive use of force by city cops.

Negotiations are under way on those reforms, but already community leaders are thinking about the qualifications for the person who will oversee that compliance for years to come.  It’s going to be a tough job and it’s going to take a remarkable person. Other cities in similar situations have chosen high profile community leaders with experience and expertise in both law enforcement and civil rights. They don’t always go together. Nobody knows that better than Edmund Perea, a retired 24-year APD officer who is now a lawyer.

“There has to be some level of understanding and sensitivity to the role that a police officer performs on a day-to-day basis,” Perea said. “ On the other hand they have to have a clear understanding of constitutional rights issues as it relates to how police officers do their job.”

APD civilian Bill Slauson promoted to management

October 29, 2014 KOB TV- Edmund Perea thinks that change is expected. "There are many police agencies across the country that have civilians as part of their management staff. It's hard to put a price on safety; its hard to put a price on better policing."

Slauson Promotion Video

Former commander dishes on police banter in wake of new Boyd recording

     September 29, 2014 KOAT TV - Intent to kill up to judge, former APD commander Edmund Perea says

Boyd Recording Video

Safety at The Cost of Liberty Is No Bargain

• When fear strikes, do we become unwitting participants in the erosion of the rights afforded to us by the U.S. Constitution?

As Americans and people across the globe mourn the victims of yet another horrific act of violence, reported from a Colorado movie theater, we struggle to come to terms with the reasons why this happened. Our response to such violent acts must not be reactionary, but rather thoughtful and deliberate.


                                               Published in the Albuquerque Journal

We Hold the key To A Safer Community

This is a trying time for our coimmunity. It seems like every time we turn on a television or open a newspaper, we learn about violent criminal acts in Albuquerque. From all of the coverage in teh media, there is an appearance that criminals are running amock.


                               Published in the Albuquerque Journal

Graduation from the 214th Session of the FBI National Academy

11 appointed to police oversight task force

Panel's membership called 'very balanced'

Two former police officers, the American Civil Liberties Union and others will be represented on an 11-member task force created to review Albuquerque's system of police oversight.

The City Council this week adopted a resolution appointing the members, based on recommendations from council staffers who evaluated applications from 115 people.

Published in the Albuquerque Journal

We need leaders to step up

• People in such positions must listen, then get hands dirty

With the wide variety of conflict, natural disasters and other challenges happening here and around the world, if there ever were a time for leadership that time is now.

Every household, community, and society depends on leadership for survival. It is only through determination and resolve from leaders taht we are able to navigate the rough seas of change and adversity facing us today.

   Published in the Albuquerque Journal


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